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Yaminnii N Sanjeev

YAMINNII.COM I had padMayam session with Yamini it was very relaxing ..thanks for it ...❤️
Neelam parwani
Yaminnii Tarot Card & Healing Hi,I know yamini mam for almost four years,she is a good humanitarian person with highly spiritual values.she is always try new methods of Religious practices,reading many books(conduct tests also), participate in many spiritual rituals etc.she's tarot card technique is the one of the most fine and practically realized one. she's prediction will give Ray of hopes,joy and positive thoughts to me (as well as everyone) and prepared to face the future .spiritual Quotient are need of the hour,hers best tutor and guidance for everyone is necessity for Inner peace.i know her as a friend too,I am lucky to get such nice friend( irrespective of age and gender).she is a good singer too😍
Venkatesh Balu
Passionate Tarot Card Reader Yamini ji you are the best. Her readings and chants are always genuine, true and works well. I tell every one how amazing you are.

Dhiraj Agarwal
Experience the Padmayam session from Yaminnii
*Experience of Padmayam session from Yaminnii* Got very deep into the meditation in the 15 minutes session. Definitely there was some Divine presence that I could feel and clearings were happening that I could feel @ the Chakras. Thanks💫🙏👍
Karthikeyarajan Rajendran
Padmayam Session I received Padmayam healing from Yamini. During the session, I went into meditation easily and was calm. Felt sensations in my body during the meditation. Even after the session was, I kept feeling sensations in my head.
Shiv pal Singh

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Yaminnii Sanjeev


Modalities Practiced: Tarot card readings, Akashic readings, Goddess Healing, Animal Healing, Crystal healing, Angel Healing, DNA Healing and Reading, NLP, Shamanic healing, Space clearing for people, home and office and Spiritual training programs and much more.


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